*2005 Dodge Viper – 1995-2006 Dodge Viper Service Repair Manuals


The 2005 Dodge Viper

The 2005 Dodge Viper draws its popularity from the awesome convertible body style which also offers it that splendid sports car shape. On the road, it’s a master, and this is supported by the 8.3 Liter, V10 engine. When it comes to the transmission, you have 6-speed manual, with gear one being the heaviest and six being the lightest for use on the highways. Talk of hose power, the Dodge Viper 2005 prides for its 500@5600.

Well, let’s get back to the looks a bit, the first thing you notice with the 2005 Dodge Viper are the vide tires sounding the sporty rims which give it a total wheel diameter of about 690 mm. A smart guess will tell you that this car uses gasoline -as far as fuel type is concerned, but what might surprise you is that the car is a rear wheel drive.

However, what should worry you is the amount of cash you spend every time visiting the garage to have repairs and service done to your Dodge Viper. It can be costly. But, has it ever crossed your mind that you don’t need to rely on your mechanic when it comes to offering scheduled maintenance, oil changing, wheel alignment and other car fixes here and there? What you need is to get yourself a service repair manual for your Dodge Viper 2005, and the mechanic will not ‘eat’ your money anyhow, anymore. Below are top 3 picks of Dodge Viper’s service manual to choose from.



  1. Chilton’s Car Care Service Repair Manual for Dodge Viper 2005

All repair procedures in Chilton’s car care service manual are direct. Detailed photographs of the Dodge Viper 2005 parts necessary for fixing the car support them. For roughly $27, you can request for your copy of the Chilton’s service manual to use one your Dodge Viper 2005, from Amazon.  


  1. Haynes Book for Dodge Viper 2005 Service Repair Manual








Haynes services manual guides always take a clever approach when it comes to troubleshooting car issues, based on a complete teardown and rebuild of the car. eBay can have this Haynes Book for Dodge Viper 2005 Service Repair Manual shipped to you for less than $23.


  1. 1995-2006 Workshop Repair Manual for Dodge Viper 2005 (Tradebit)

If you want to fix your Dodge Viper 2005 immediately, then the workshop service manual is the best pick and it’s available for download. For less than $22, you can have instant access to the 1995-2006 workshop service manual, as a guide to fixing your Dodge Viper 2005, from Tradebit.  



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