Casimir Pulaski Day


How will you Celebrate this Casimir Pulaski?

The first Monday of the month of March in Illinois is a special day for the civilians. General Casimir Pulaski whose contribution was crucial to the American independence is commemorated. On this State day, public institutions such as schools, financial institutions and libraries are often closed.

Are you planning to travel by public means? Do not forget to check out travel timetables because you may easily get stranded on this great day. Chicago locals usually rejoice through street parades combined with marching, public formalities and group gatherings.


History at a glance

This State holiday is wholly attributed to this heroic figure whose life history is worth making mention of. So, who is this great man? Owing to the position he had, he was honored as the ‘Father of the American Cavalry’.

Pulaski’s birthplace was Warka, Poland in the year 1747 on the 4th of March. Succeeding his father, he became the Military commander and was regarded resourceful in that post. However, he was forced into exile on claims that he plotted to assassinate the king. While an expatriate, Benjamin Franklin called him to join in the American Revolution.

The breaking of the British barricade with the help of his troops marked the hallmark of all his revolutions. He died in 1779 but that was not the last of him because years later a statue was raised to honor him.

A street was also renamed after him and still stands to date. The US Congress on their part bestowed an honorary citizenship to General Casimir in 2009, which was approved by the former president.


How to celebrate your day

Our history lesson has ended and now you should get to planning on what you should do on this day. Whether you are alone, with a close buddy or your whole family, have a plan in place so that you will not get bored. In addition to your weekends and off days, holidays are a plus if you want to do something exciting on your own. Get excited in the following ways:


Getaway self-drive

Are you an outdoor person? Think no more because this is what you need for the holiday craze. For this activity you can set out on Friday after clocking out of work or early on Saturday morning so that you will not be all hangover on Tuesday when you go back to work.

Pick a place of your choice, a faraway park, woods, mountain-view, camp site or any place that you wish to visit. Get your car ready and if yours can’t do the job, hire one. When traveling with friends and family, a bigger car is always the best choice.

Carry enough water and snack for the road trip. The GPS will come in handy in directing you on whatever route you have decided to take. The benefits of self-driving lie in the relaxation it provides, bonding with family, and it is a cheaper alternative especially when traveling as a group.


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Eat the polish style

What’s more than celebrating Polish heritage with the native meal? Polish meals always save the day. There are easy recipes all over the net you could try out for you and your family. If you are thinking of something chilling on a warm day, explore ‘iced coffee the polish way’.

It is easy to make and the ingredients are easy to get. Key ingredients include: sugar, coffee, vanilla ice-cream and whipped cream. In a matter of five minutes you will have a mouth-watering dessert at your disposal.

When you are thinking of a polish dinner, you can never go wrong with the polish sausage meal but if you are feeling a little under the weather, you can access polish dishes at the street fares.


A visit to the museum

When was the last time you were at the museum? Bet it was that 5th grade class trip that blew you away when you were little. Why not make a point of visiting it again this holiday? Get company or go by yourself because it will definitely make your day.

The Polish Museum of America located on Milwaukee Avenue in Chicago is the place to be. Annually, they offer a great historical experience to visitors. It is a good way to start your week ahead of the work awaiting you and it can be a bonding session with your spouse and children. Instead of staying indoors doing nothing, join the movement and be at the museum.


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Stage a school play

Teachers, parents and kids could do more than just reading about the day in history books by staging a school play on the date before the holiday. Not many people spare time to read what the holiday is all about but at least a well-staged play could be appealing to most. If you are a teacher identify interested kids who will take roles to stage Casimir Pulaski’s role in the American Revolution.

For the costumes, parents, teachers and kids can take part in the designing. To enhance the creativity of the kids, simple materials such as cardboards, old clothing and wooden rods could be used in the costume making. Not only will this be effective but it will also ease the preparations.


Neighborhood fare

If you happen to live in a close-knit kind of neighborhood where at least everyone knows their next door neighbor, then you can have a joint celebration. An existing committee can take the role of organizing the fare. Everyone can be given a role to assume whether it is preparing the meals, making decorations or ensuring every member is invited to the fare. Volunteer where your specialty lies and have a good time doing it.

Celebrating in this manner enhances the relations between the neighbors since people get the chance to interact, which is not possible on working days. Kids will also have a good time because they have many friends to play with.


Join the parade!

On this particular date, some cities have a parade on the streets. Do not watch through your window like last year, get up and join the parade. Since it is an annual event, the location may be subject to change.

Get clear information on the parade route by reading online postings on the line of March. Know the theme of the day and be prepared to be wowed by the band and other groups present. Find a comfortable outfit and shoes to wear for the function.

Plan a picnic

The weather is bright and warm but you feel like sharing quality time with your better half in a quiet environment. The parade or the museum cannot work for you in this case. Instead, you could consider a picnic date in a park far from all the craze in the streets.

If the park is not open, you can still have your picnic in your backyard. Prepare your favorite delicacies, juice or any other drink you prefer. Stuff your picnic bag with all the essentials such as napkins, spoons, and beautifications such as flowers for your table.

Picnics are a great way to catch up especially if the ambience was well selected. You can also have a heart to heart and mend any rough patches you are going through while getting along. Apart from that, it is a relaxing activity that clears your head after a long working week.


Catch up on your reading

There is this novel you have been reading since last week but you have not gotten the opportunity to continue from where you had stopped probably because you were busy. Stay indoors and use the day to do just that. Being alone and away from work is an ample time for indulging in your favorite read without any disruptions. Finish and move on to the next book in your library.


Organize a play date

You probably never get time to play with your kids when they are in school or at the day care. Weekends are usually reserved for doing some grocery stocking or other duty you are unable to conduct on weekdays. An extension of your off day is a good time to play with your little angels.

If the weather is favorable, do some outdoor art with paints and colors. Playing with water guns is another fun way to play in the sun. Do not let the gloomy weather outside dull your play date if it is cloudy or raining , you can cook together, draw pictures, play hide and seek and even watch a repeat of their favorite animation. Your kids will surely appreciate your company.


Go hiking

After a long week and you feel that you have a lot on your mind, hiking could be the best way to unwind. Interacting with nature is priceless as you will certainly achieve the peace of mind that you are longing for. Hiking is a bonus to your workout regime and with the work that is required you are bound to be fit. This pass time activity is dependent on the weather, so be on the lookout for the weather forecast so that you are not marooned. Have the correct gear and if you are beginner always have a guide with you.

There you go. You surely can’t miss to find something to do this Casimir Pulaski Day!

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