DIY ideas to commemorate this Year’s International Day of Families


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The clock is ticking and the international day of families which is normally observed on May 15 every year, will finally be here. But, of what essence is this day really? Some people do not have any idea of the theme behind this day. That does not mean that someone is ignorant, only that maybe they never got time to reason it out. Ideally, the meaning and theme of this great day is nothing more than what its name suggests: it is a day that promotes family life.

In other terms, it is meant to highlight the importance of the family setup to the society and how everyone should respect his or her origin. Everybody comes from a family whether rich or poor, it is what gives every human an identity. In this year’s theme, the international day of families comes with a theme that focuses on the role of family and its policies in promoting education.

The focus for 2017

Emphasis will be on work-family balance, caregiving roles and basic cultures to adopt in the quest to promote childhood education. Generally, today’s world has become so busy that parents, guardians, and caregivers may find themselves overwhelmed by money making practices that they forget their greatest role, which is offering moral support for the schooling children.

Education does not begin during the kid’s first day at a classroom, no. It should begin from the confines of a home, the kid is more bound to approach life the way he or she sees the parent or guardians handle it. Now that you can see the seriousness of this great day, how can you personalize it with some do it yourself projects (DIY) to commemorate it?

Audit yourself against your kid’s educational farewell

You wanna get the real meaning of this year’s theme? Weigh your actions in relation to your kid’s welfare. Have been involved in their education other than just paying the school fees? Can you really say that you have instilled any form of knowledge on them, as in as it is required?

There are many things that the kids can learn and should learn from you. These include instilling communicational skills by acting as an example, maintaining a clean house environment, encouraging them to brush their teeth and educating them on the essence of it, teaching them about faith and the virtues required for good living and so on.

Literary, as a parent or caregiver, know that whether actively or passively there is some knowledge that you will be passing to those young ones. So, better start passing the right knowledge and wisdom starting from this coming world family day.

Become the school “principal” and go through their books

What does that mean? Simple, take those books and see what your kid has been doing. It is long since you really focused on the details. Yes, you have been monitoring their report form but this time round you want to assess their performance and at closer range. If yours is a toddler and it is time that they are learning alphabets you may want them to pick the book and pronounce those letters in your hearing. In other words, become like them to know if they are really getting anything from that school. Sometimes you may have to swap schools if you realize that the one you had taken your kid is not doing him or her any better.  

Get practical with discerning their talents

As a matter of facts, helping your kid or kids understand themselves in terms of their talents and capabilities early enough can be a great investment. When you know what they are called to do in life, it means that you will spend money in the useful direction. Picture this out, some parents force their kids to follow big careers only to find out that their interest was on soccer, music or even becoming politicians. Therefore, you can spare yourself all the expenses of having to pay school fees for something that will not be of any good to your kid’s life.

Assess their abilities

So how do you assess your kid’s capabilities? Simple, check online, there are numerous resources to supply you with the tips. Ideally, ask them questions and what they would want to be when they grow up. Find out what interests them the most. Observe what they like to watch the most is it football, music, do they like teaching and giving instructions to their fellow kids, or subject do they understand the most at school?

For kids with a writing talent, watch out their wandering mind in the world of creativity. They are often good storytellers and are keen to follow up a story throughout its stages, see how they behave when you tell them a story and how much willing they will be ready to share it out. You could also ask them to retell the story in your hearing. And if you find out that they are keen to details, it is possible that you are looking at a great writer!   


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Get to the field

Okay, it is possible that you do not like the idea of having to jump around with your kid in the name of trying to help them discover themselves. But, remember this; here we’re talking about international day of families. So what more can one do with such an opportunity presented specifically to encourage proper upbringing of kids in the family setup? Ideally, the reason for having to join your kid in playing at the field is that you want to know their athletic potential. You kid could be the next medalist or world champion in the Olympics, but that could only happen if you help them nurture the talent from as early as possible.

Visit their school

The school is where your kids spend part of their lifetime and that goes without saying. Have you off late checked to confirm what the teachers are saying. It could be that a one on one chat with your kid’s class teacher can help you understand the kid better. Kids undergo emotional stress and that can only be detected by the teacher because they spend more time with the kids than a parent does. As a parent, sometimes you work until late in order to make ends meet, and with that tight schedule throughout the week, it is possible to miss out on some details that concern your child.

Now back to some entertainment

Book them for an outing

So when was the last time you took them out? As a matter of facts, life should not always be business. Arrange for something cheap away from the confines of home that can bring back the joy of being together. After all, it is a day designed to strengthen family bonding and nothing does much of that that having a great time together. Want some ideas on where to go out with the kids, simply google for cheap outing venues near me; you cannot miss a superb place. Nonetheless, you can organize a home party to mark the day if it is more convenient for you.

What about a long drive around the city

Does that sound crazy to you?  Aha! It should not. In fact, there is a lot to help your kids learn from simply driving them around the city. You see the tall building and hotels around, that is enough motivation. Simply tell them that if they work harder they will buy the big houses, hotels, and cars they see around. If your place in near VIP residential or offices such as the vice president’s place, the State House or the home to a renowned pilot lucky you. You have great role models to present to your kids.

Take them to Disneyland

Wait, wait, before you say it is very expensive to take your kids to Disneyland, remember we are talking about the international day of families. And this year’s theme is focused on proper upbringing and as well as childhood education. There is a lot that the kids will learn from visiting such a place, and the first lesson is that you love them so much to take them to such a great place. As a matter of facts, you will want your kid to be rich one day, then, let him or her associate with those rich families; and the most likely place to find them is at such venues.

What you place before the eyes of your kids is very effective in the long run. Ideally simply let them know that it is possible to go beyond the current limits that life has confined them in. As a parent or guardian, never present yourself as a hopeless leader even when things do not seem to go as they should. Research says that kids learn more from what they see than what they actually understand. In fact, for those within a marriage set-up, it is never good to break arguments in the presence of your kids. A husband and wife must never fight in the sight of their children it is a general rule of thumb.

That is not, all. The parents ought to be advised on what they should allow their kids to watch in this year’s international day of families because that is an important topic in proper upbringing of children.

So, what other do it yourself projects do you think we can associate to proper upbringing of children?


If you have an interesting story about how you’ll be spending International Day of Families or have any questions or need help finding items for your project, visit the… Let’s Do it Manual Forum!


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