*1999 Chrysler 300M – 1998-2004 Chrysler 300M Service Repair Manuals


The 1999 Chrysler 300M

Although its marketing campaign and name recall the legendary Chrysler cars sold from 1955 to 1965, the 1999 Chrysler 300M offers a driving experience and features that were unimaginable at that time. This full-size vehicle is designed in the style of American sports sedans, as a contemporary interpretation of historic Chrysler letter cars, in order to appeal to people with a passion for driving. The 1999 Chrysler 300M boasts extraordinary handling for a front-wheel-drive sedan, which makes it a joy to drive. It is powered by a 3.5-liter V-6 engine that develops 253 horsepower. Other features worth mentioning include ABS traction control, front air conditioning, heated-cushion front seats, heated mirrors, AM stereo, seek-scan radio, remote keyless entry for all doors, leather seat trim, and driver lumbar support. The following three do-it-yourself repair manuals should help you to repair and maintain this vehicle:



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  1. Chrysler LHS,Concorde,300M,Dodge Intrepid, 1998-2004 (Haynes Repair Manual)

This Haynes repair manual provides step-by-step procedures and instructions supported by hundreds of photos and illustrations. It also includes a troubleshooting section which helps you identify specific problems on the vehicle. However, info provided in this book can be considered too general, and it lacks in-depth explanations, which are needed when dealing with new and unknown situations. The Chrysler LHS,Concorde,300M,Dodge Intrepid, 1998-2004 (Haynes Repair Manual) is offered on Amazon for $20.24.


  1. Chrysler 300m 1999 – 2004 2.7 L 3.5 L Engines Service Repair Workshop Manual







The next manual you should take into consideration for your Chrysler 300M is the CHRYSLER 300M 1999 – 2004 2.7 L 3.5 L ENGINES SERVICE REPAIR WORKSHOP MANUAL. This manual contains all the necessary information that your vehicle may require for routine maintenance (such as brake servicing and tune-ups) or more extensive repairs like engine and transmission disassembly. In addition, you’ll get diagnostic manuals consisting of body & body supplement, chassis, powertrain, and transmission sections. By default, this repair manual is downloaded (as a PDF file), but CD delivery is also available at extra cost. To download it, you need to pay $14.95 (on eBay).


  1. Chrysler 300M LHS Concorde Intrepid 1999-2001 Factory Manual

This final manual is the Chrysler 300M LHS Concorde Intrepid 1999-2001 Factory Manual. This manual features general maintenance, troubleshooting, engine and transmission service/repair, brake system procedures, wiring diagrams, and much more. It costs $9.99 from e-manual retailer Tradebit.



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