*2002 Lexus SC430 – 2002 Lexus SC430 Service Repair Manuals


The 2002 Lexus SC430

The Lexus SC430 features a smooth design with eye-catching curves, rounded posterior and exaggerated wheels. Fitted with powerful mechanical hardware and lavish leather interior, this vehicle presents a unique mix of a sporty convertible and hardtop coupe. In addition, it carries in it the essence of an aggressive 2-seat roadster. On the other hand, this car has an elegant level of luxury, enhanced by sophisticated vehicle controls, dazzling electronic displays, as well as luxurious highlighting in wood, leather, and chrome. In a classic arrangement, it comes equipped with a muscular V-8 engine that develops an impressive 300 horsepower for its rear wheel drive. This 4.3-liter engine is paired with a 5-speed automatic transmission that comes with electronic controls. For 2002, Lexus has built only one SC 430 version, which includes a Mark Levinson audio system with 9 custom speakers among other sumptuous options.



  1.  2002 Lexus Sc 430 Shop Service Repair Manual (eBay)







If you are searching for the original Lexus shop repair manual, look no further than the 2002 Lexus Sc 430 Shop Service Repair Manual (available on eBay). The first thing you should note about this manual is that it is only intended for the Base Convertible 2-door trim. It features repair procedures for the engine, drivetrain, body, chassis, and electronics. Aside from the technical diagnostic procedures, there are also plenty of wiring diagrams and illustrations. The manual is developed especially for the SC 430, and contains approximately 3,500 pages. Note that this is a physical paper book, not a digital manual or CD. It’s a bit costly ($189.95 on eBay), but it is worth the price.


  1. 2002 – 2007 Lexus Sc 430 Shop Workshop Repair Manual (eBay)








The 2002 – 2007 Lexus Sc 430 Shop Workshop Repair Manual (available on eBay) is a complete digital service/repair manual published by Lexus. Basically, it is the same manual used in dealerships during servicing and repairing. This manual features step-by-step instructions as well as detailed illustrations. The manual is also offered on eBay for $53.95 (plus $12.95 for USPS first class mail/package international service). All pages are printable.


  1. 2002 Lexus Sc 430 Service & Repair Manual Software (Tradebit)

Finally, here’s a cheap repair manual for those who prefer shopping on Tradebit. The 2002 Lexus Sc 430 Service & Repair Manual Software (available on Tradebit) is a downloadable PDF repair manual that you can utilize to maintain and repair your  Lexus SC430 and save money. You can use it for emission control, transfer propeller shaft, axle suspension, power steering, engine, brakes, ignition starting charging, and much more. To download this file, you need to pay just $15!

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