*2003 Honda Pilot – Review of Repair Manuals for the 2003-2008 Honda Pilot


Honda Pilot 2003 

The Honda Pilot is an SUV of medium size and was originally made in Japan. The Honda Pilot is very economical and goes approximately 17 miles per gallon combined (city 15, highway 21). There are eight seats and the transmission is an automatic. Generally speaking, the users of the 2003 Honda Pilot are very satisfied with the vehicle and say that it can endure for a long time with minimal repair. However, the repairs that need to be done also need a manual which can help you do the necessary work. Here is a list of three most popular manuals for the 2003 Honda Pilot.




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  1. Haynes Repair Manual: Haynes Repair Manual: Honda Pilot 2003-2008 (Amazon)

The second edition of the Haynes Repair Manual is very informative and detailed when it comes to making all the possible repairs on the 2003 Honda Pilot. The only thing that users did not like about the Haynes repair manual is the fact that certain information on how to fix small things is missing. For example, there is no explanation on how to find the plug for changing the transmission oil. You can get the Haynes Repair Manual: Honda Pilot 2003-2008 (from Amazon) for roughly $29!


2. Chilton: Honda Pilot (2003-2008) (eBay)


The Chilton repair manual is very similar to the Haynes repair manual. If you take into account that both Chilton and Haynes focus on (more or less of) the same vehicles and same generations. Chilton manuals sometimes have missing information about the small things. Overall, the manual offer’s great explanation in general. You can get the Chilton: Honda Pilot (2003-2008) repair manual (from eBay) for roughly $25.


3. Honda Pilot 2003 Service Repair Manual (Tradebit)

 Here is an alternative manual and is one that you can also be downloaded for a very low price as an e-book! You can get it immediately on your PC, smartphone or tablet once you pay for it. The manual may not be as detailed as Haynes, however, the manual does explain things in a simple, yet informative manner. You can get the Tradebit: 2003 Honda Pilot Service Repair Manual for roughly $10!



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