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The 2004 Toyota Solara Review

The Toyota Solara’s full name is actually the Toyota Camry Solara, as it is a five-seat sub-model of the Camry that is targeted more toward people who prefer sport cars. There are two generations of the Toyota Solara, the first starting in 1998 and the second ending its run in 2008, with the 2004 model belonging to the second generation of this vehicle. According to Edmunds.com, the Solara has a fuel economy of 21 mpg in the city and 30 mpg on the highway. The transmission is a 5-speed manual and the has front wheel drive with a 4-cylinder inline engine. If you need to repair your Toyota Solara, then you can do so by consulting one of the following manuals listed below.



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  1. Haynes Repair Manual: Toyota Camry: 2002 – 2006: Avalon & Lexus ES 300/330 (2002 – 2006) – Solara (2002 – 2008) (Amazon)

The Haynes repair manual represents the most popular option among people who like to repair things (especially cars) on their own. However, the manual is written in such a manner that many professional mechanics will also find it useful. This particular manual covers several Toyota vehicles, potentially leading to confusion, which is often a criticism of Haynes manuals. However, it still compensates in quality. You can get the Haynes Repair Manual for the Toyota Camry: 2002 – 2006 : Avalon & Lexus ES 300/330 (2002 – 2006) – Solara (2002 – 2008) (from Amazon) for roughly $21.


2. 2004 Toyota Solara Service & Repair Manual Software (Tradebit)

2004 Toyota Solara Service & Repair Manual Software
2004 Toyota Solara Service & Repair Manual Software

LICENSED OEM SERVICE AND REPAIR MANUAL SOFTWARE FOR THE 2004 TOYOTA SOLARA! If you need a repair manual for your Toyota, you‘ve come to the right place…
Read More 14.95 USD

Tradebit offers a slightly different solution when it comes to repair manuals for the Toyota Solara. This manual focuses exclusively on the 2004 Solara and is also very affordable. As a matter of fact, all the manuals on Tradebit are known for being very inexpensive and in digital format (either an eBook or software). You can get the 2004 Toyota Solara Service & Repair Manual Software (from Tradebit) for about $15!


3. Chilton Repair Manual Toyota Camry, 2002-06 (eBay)

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Finally, the Chilton repair manual, which covers all the Camry models from 2002 to 2005. Basically, it is similar to Haynes, but with significant differences in approach and style of writing. It is up to the you to see which of these two paperback manuals suits you better. You can find the Chilton Repair Manual Toyota Camry, 2002-06 (from eBay) for roughly $20.


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