*2007 Honda Fit – 2007-2013 Honda Fit Service Repair Manuals


The 2007 Honda Fit

Being an all-purpose vehicle, the 2007 Honda Fit is able to tackle a diverse range of driving conditions. This well-designed vehicle is great around town as a commute car, although less so on hills, especially during longer trips on mountain roads. It boasts great handling, combined with a well-designed interior which offers plenty of space and multiple seating configurations. Its VTEC 1.5-liter 4-cylinder engine outputs 109 horsepower along with 105 pound-feet of torque. This engine is mated to 5-speed automatic transmission. The 2007 Honda Fit comes fitted with dual-threshold front airbags, side-impact airbags, and electronic brake distribution as standard, among other features. Of course, there are also plenty of technological features included with this vehicle, such as electronically-adjustable mirrors, automatic locking, adjustable steering wheel and intelligent wipers.



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  1. Honda Fit Haynes Repair Manual (2007 – 2013)

If you want to work on your Honda Fit yourself and save money, the Honda Fit Haynes Repair Manual (2007 – 2013) is a must have. According to user reviews, this manual contains instructions that are very easy to understand, whether you need them for repairs or for routine maintenance. Therefore, the manual is suitable for owners who have a basic mechanical knowledge. You can grab this Haynes repair manual from Amazon for about $20.


  1. 2007-2013 Honda Fit Repair Manual by Chilton








The 2007-2013 Honda Fit Repair Manual by Chilton covers all Canadian and U.S. models of the Honda Fit from 2007 to 2013. It offers easy-to-follow instructions, model-specific coverage, and plenty of relevant illustrations, which make it a great resource for both experienced mechanics and do-it-yourself enthusiasts. You can use this manual for overhauls, total services, or regular maintenance of your Honda Fit. The 2007-2013 Honda Fit Repair Manual by Chilton is available for $19.98 on eBay.


  1. Honda Fit 2007 and 2008 Shop Service Repair Manual CD








If you are looking for a CD-ROM repair manual for your 2007 Honda Fit, take a look at the Honda Fit 2007 and 2008 Shop Service Repair Manual CD. This manual will help you replace various engine components, fix the brakes, and much more. An additional feature of this licensed CD manual is that it is completely searchable and provides the same data as the print edition. If you want to purchase this manual, you can do so on eBay, where it is priced at just under $42.



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  1. Not exactly my type of car but this car has some sweet features. I am not a handy man but my best friend is a freelance mechanic. He has been doing this for years.

    I will let him know that you post great information about car manuals and the like. When I have a problem with my car I just take it to him. 🙂

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