*2007 Lincoln MKZ – 2007 Lincoln MKZ Service Repair Manuals

The 2007 Lincoln MKZ

The Lincoln Zephyr was both rebadged as the MKZ and gained some improvements in 2007. All-wheel drive was added, while its under-powered 3.0-liter V6 became a more powerful 3.5-liter V6. This 5-passenger car features the Zephyr’s unique interior with symmetric lines from bumper to bumper. The exterior design has not changed much from the 2006 Zephyr, with the major change being the addition of a brand-new badge. Likewise, the MKZ has much the same interior as the previous Zephyr. It boasts a top-notch navigation system, excellent sound system, and supportive comfy seats. In fact, the newly-refined power plant makes the greatest difference: It offers a considerable increase in power – up to 249 lb-ft of torque and 263 horsepower. In addition to an enhanced engine, the 2007 Lincoln MKZ includes a new 6-speed automatic smooth shifter, which lacks any manual command.



  1. OEM Service Repair Manual – 2007 Ford Lincoln Mercury (eBay)

This DVD-ROM only includes the factory workshop manual, and there are no PC/ED or wiring diagram manuals. Service information included in this manual covers identification codes, jacking & lifting, maintenance schedule, as well as noise, vibration, and harshness. In fact, the OEM Service Repair Manual – 2007 Ford Lincoln Mercury (available on eBay) covers repair procedures on chassis, powertrain, body & paint, and electrical. Note that this isn’t a physical book or paper manual, but a DVD-ROM OEM factory manual for Windows. It is priced at just under $15.


  1. Ford/Lincoln/Mercury 1996 – 2008 Service Repair Workshop Manual (eBay)

The Ford/Lincoln/Mercury 1996 – 2008 Service Repair Workshop Manual (available on eBay) consists of service/repair technical workshop manual, wiring diagrams, and powertrain/emissions diagnosis manual. You can utilize it for engine repairs, bodywork, electrical systems, transmission, clutch, suspension, steering, and brakes. This product comes as a DVD compatible with all 32-bit and 64-bit Windows versions, and is priced at around $12.


  1. Lincoln Zephyr & MKZ 2006 – 2009 Complete Workshop Service Repair Manual (Tradebit)

Another manual you should consider purchasing is the Lincoln Zephyr & MKZ 2006 – 2009 Complete Workshop Service Repair Manual offered on the Tradebit site. It features step-by-step easy to follow instructions and detailed pictures covering all areas of servicing and repairs related to 2006-2009 Lincoln Zephyr and MKZ models. You can download this file (instant download) for $19.95. It works on all PC/MAC computers and smartphones. Once you’ve downloaded this workshop manual, you can print out individual or multiple pages and chapters.



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