*2009 Toyota Tacoma – Review of Repair Manuals for the 2005-2009 Toyota Tacoma



Review the 2009 Toyota Tacoma 

The 2009 Toyota Tacoma pickup truck is considered one of the best of its kind ever made. Generally speaking, Tacomas are very popular in the US and many users of this vehicle have a complete trust in its durability of parts including but not limited to the Tacoma as a whole! Similar to the 2009 Nissan Frontier, the Tacoma can also tow up to 6,500 lbs. The Tacoma’s fuel economy is 20/26 MPG (CTY/HWY) and it is usually a 5-speed manual. Although some users prefer the V6 engine rather than the four-cylinder due to transporting heavy duty items. From time to time, even the most reliable vehicles need routine maintenance. Below are three manual reviews to help you with your next routine maintenance…

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  1. Haynes: Toyota Tacoma 2005-2009 (Amazon)

Haynes Repair Manuals are known to be very informative and comprehensive – it simply includes all the possible repairs that can be on a Toyota Tacoma. The only issue users have is that sometimes when it comes to this Haynes manual, the pictures are sometimes printed out blurry. Apart from that, everything is suitable even for the people who are not professional mechanics. You can get the Haynes Repair Manual: Toyota Tacoma 2005-2009 (from Amazon) for roughly $30.


2. 2009 Toyota Tacoma Service & Repair Manual Software (Tradebit)

If you enjoy reading your books digitally rather than having a paperback version, you might consider downloading your Tacoma manual from Tradebit.com. It is a website that has the biggest database of manuals in the form of e-books on the internet. The big advantage to all of this is that they’re very cheap as well. The manual may not be as detailed as Haynes, however, it contains all the necessary instructions to help you on your next DIY job. You can get the 2009 Toyota Tacoma Service & Repair Manual Software (from Tradebit) for roughly $15!


3. Chilton: Toyota Tacoma 2005-2009 (eBay)


Chilton manuals usually contain all the information required for a do-it-yourself repair. It is assumed that you already have a very basic knowledge on how to open or close certain parts on your Tacoma. It contains basically everything that you need in order to repair and maintain your Tacoma. However, the Chilton manual has one small problem which is the same as that that Haynes has – low-quality pictures. They are printed on cheap paper (newspaper) and pictures are not clear enough to represent a specific problem, especially if the pictures or diagrams. You can get the Chilton Toyota Tacoma 2005-2009 (from eBay) for roughly $22.


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2009 Toyota Tacoma


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