*2010 GMC Terrain – 1996-2012 GMC Terrain Service Repair Manuals


The 2010 GMC Terrain

The 2010’s GMC Terrain compact style makes it standout on the road and onlookers can’t help but turn heads. Talk of space; you have it right with this all-terrain machine. That is, at least 5 mature men and women can each have their seats without sharing. Basically, it is a crossover SUV and a close cousin to the Chevrolet Equinox. It rides on 17-inch wheels base. An SLE-1, and features cruise control, full power accessories and off cause an air conditioning system. The backup cam is standalone! It is also an all-wheel drive but you only need to engage the front pair when the road is slippery.

On top of that, the GMC Terrain 2010 offers you a sports utility body style, with 4 doors, two on each side. And with the 6-speed speed automatic transmission it ensures that you always lead on the road. When it comes to the engine, the type is Gas 14, 2.4 and the Gas mileage is 20 mpg/ and 29 mpg highway. Off cause there is more to the Terrain 2010, but what do you do when the wheels wobble, the steering becomes hard or the oil filter demands a replacement? Well… you give the service done yourself! how? Here are some service repair manuals for the GMC Terrain 2010 you will surely enjoy working with:



  1. GMC Terrain 1996-2010 (Haynes version) Service Repair Manual (eBay)

The GMC Terrain 2010’s manual by Haynes opens up the repair procedures so direct that you’ll not hustle tackling the common issues. However, it may not dig deep into complex issues because it tries to cover many brands. Get your copy of the GMC Terrain 1996-2010 (Haynes) Service Repair Manual for exactly $17.97, (from eBay).  


  1. GMC Terrain 2010-2012 Workshop Service Manual for Repairs (Tradebit)

This 2010-2012 GMC service repair workshop manual is the exact type that professional technicians and mechanics use and it comes with no expiry dates or extra fees. You can find the GMC Terrain 2010-2012 Workshop Service Manual for Repairs from tradebit for only $18.



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