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The 2010 Lincoln MKT

The 2010 Lincoln MKT is a crisp-handling, sporty crossover SUV which draws attention with its huge front grille that resembles a toothed shark grin. Behind the rear doors, the three-row seating arrangement of the vehicle gives it its ‘hunchback’ lines, which make it instantly recognizable on the road. Unlike clunky truck-based SUVs, Lincoln’s MKT is a sleekly-styled sports utility crossover with a car-like design and a well-balanced, agile performance that comes from its enhanced all-wheel drive. It is powered by a 3.7-liter 268-horsepower V6 (in base models) or a twin-turbo 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 that develops 355 horsepower and achieves decent EPA fuel economy estimates of 16 mpg in the city and 22 on the highway. Aside from excellent handling and powerful performance, the 2010 MKT boasts a comfortable interior that feels almost like a home. The second-row seats can easy move forwards at the touch of a button, providing seating for six, or even seven. All of this makes the MKT a family-friendly vehicle.



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  1. 2010 Lincoln MKT Service & Repair Manual Software

This online PDF repair manual is perfect for any do-it-yourself repairs or maintenance related to the 2010 Lincoln MKT. You can utilize the 2010 Lincoln MKT Service & Repair Manual Software to fix the brake system, engine, heating, air conditioning, steering, suspension, and drivetrain, as well as to replace some worn-out components and solve electrical problems on your car. It can be downloaded from Tradebit (for nearly $15) and is compatible with all versions of Windows.


  1. Ford Digital Software Service Repair Workshop Manual 2010-2011




The Ford Digital Software Service Repair Workshop Manual 2010-2011 covers both Base and EcoBoost Lincoln MKT models from 2010 to 2011. It contains detailed explanations, step-by-step procedures, diagrams, and illustrations that will guide you through servicing/repairing of your vehicle. This is a high-quality DIY manual, which is fully indexed and has no expiration date. It offers quick installation, and no special codes/patches are required for its installation. You can purchase it in DVD-ROM format from eBay for roughly $13.


  1. 2010-2011 Ford Complete Factory OEM Service Repair Manual








Another DVD-ROM manual for Windows PCs you can use for your Lincoln MKT is the 2010-2011 Ford Complete Factory OEM Service Repair Manual. This digital manual is not compatible with Apple or Mac systems. This OEM factory repair manual covers everything from the transmission and engine to wheels and accessories, featuring wiring guidelines (with circuit descriptions and component locations), workshop section (includes repair procedures, instructions, detailed illustrations, and specs), and powertrain PC/ED diagnosis for engine diagnostic procedures. It is priced at $15.99 (on eBay).



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