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The 2012 Honda Insight Review

One major thing of interest about the Honda Insight is the fact that it is a hybrid electric vehicle. This basically means that an electric engine is used alongside the more traditional combustion engine to provide power. The Insight has two generations of vehicle, with the first being built in 1999. The 2012 model belongs to the second generation of vehicles. According to Edmunds.com, this car has a fuel economy of 41 mpg in the city and 44 mpg on the highway. The 2012 Honda Insight has a variable automatic transmission and, of course, a hybrid engine. If you ever need to repair the 2012 Honda Insight, you can take a look at one of the manuals presented below.



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  1. 2012 Honda Insight Service Shop Repair Workshop Manual (Amazon)

The 2012 Honda Insight repair manual was published by Honda itself, and provides a lot of useful information and illustrations. Due to the professional language and approach, this particular Honda Insight repair manual may be more suitable for professional mechanics rather than for beginners. However, beginners will also be able to understand the manual with a bit of study. You can find the 2012 Honda Insight Service Shop Repair Workshop Manual Set (from Amazon) for roughly $120.


2.  2012 Honda Insight Shop Service Repair Manual CD w/ ETM Manual Engine Electrical (eBay)


Another option is a manual available from eBay. Largely, this can be considered a similar to the previous – the price is fairly more affordble and the manual comes as a CD, which is shipped to you once ordered. The software is compatible with almost all OS, and is easy to launch, provided that you have a CD drive on your device. You can find the 2012 Honda Insight Shop Service Repair Manual CD w/ ETM Manual Engine Electrical (from eBay) for about $27.



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