*2013 Kia Sorento – Review the Repair Manuals for the 2003-2013 Kia Sorento


2013 Kia Sorento Review

According to the Kelley Blue Book, the 2013 Kia Sorento vehicle bears the true meaning of a compact SUV. Once you are inside, it seems like there is plenty of space and it can hold up to seven people at once. However, as soon as you exit the 2013 Sorento, you just see an ordinary-sized vehicle that does not seem big enough to be unmanageable in driving. Kelley Blue Book also adds some pros and cons of the 2013 Kia Sorento, stating that it’s “…the right vehicle at the right time”, but its 4-cylinder base is ‘a bit sluggish‘. Here are the three most popular repair manuals that will thoroughly explain how to repair your 2013 Kia Sorento.


2013 Kia Sorento

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  1. Haynes: Kia Sorento 2003-2013 Repair Manual (Amazon)

The Haynes repair manual for the 2013 Kia Sorento has received more negative criticism from users than any other Haynes repair manual, by being described as generic and poorly written. However, it is still one of the best options – since it offers the best price:information ratio. In other words, Haynes will explain everything that you need to know in order to repair your 2013 Sorento, but just don’t expect too much, since some parts are not clearly written enough. You can get the Haynes: Kia Sorento 2003-2013 Repair Manual (from Amazon) for roughly $30.


2. KIA Sorento 2013 Workshop Service Repair Manual (TradeBit)

One reason to purchase your manual on Tradebit is because they are inexpensive. Furthermore, they come as e-books or software, which can be downloaded instantly – as soon as you pay for them! Therefore, if you like inexpensive manuals and prefer digital books rather than paperback, then Tradebit is definitely the place for you. You can find the KIA Sorento 2013 Workshop Service Repair Manual (from TradeBit) for roughly $14.


3. Kia Sorento 2003-2013 NEW Chilton Repair Manual Workshop Manual Service Repair (eBay)

2013 Kia Sorento 0

Chilton repair manuals are also inexpensive paperback books with a lot of useful information that is suitable both for beginners and professional mechanics. Sometimes Chilton repair manuals lack quality when it comes to the printing (especially diagrams), but that will not stop you from learning everything you need to know about your 2013 Sorento. You can get the Chilton: Kia Sorento 2003-2013 Workshop Manual Service Repair (from eBay) for roughly $30.


2013 Kia Sorento 3

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