Hello, everyone my name is Eugene and I’m a compulsive fix-it-yourself problem solver! My wife is constantly catching me fixing one thing or another. I’ve been fixing things as long as I can remember. I do remember my mother finding the broken toaster under my bed torn apart as a child, along with other broken disassembled radios and clock parts. I tried fixing anything I could get my hands on!


And that is how I arrived here…


So as I grew up continually repairing and fixing things. I continuously came across situations where I would reach a roadblock. I just couldn’t seem to find the answer I needed to complete certain repairs. So I would look and look until I realized that some answers are only within  manuals. Then I would get online and search for manuals pertaining to my repair and to my surprise some information manuals would be impossible to find.


Then it hit me!

What if I could help someone else find the information or manual(s) they need for their repair. So I decided to take all of those years of research, information and manuals that I found and give them to someone who needed them. l would be able to help them solve their problem. I only ask that, if you find anything interesting or captures your own attention please get involved within the site! Comments are welcome and appreciated. I love to talk about repair and repairing different things. If you have anything interesting you’d like to share or any opinions of any of the content I have created on my site, please do speak up! I love feedback in every form.


So now – to us on our journey to repair!


Thanks for your interest in getting to know more about me…?

Eugene M. (a.k.a. The Manual King)


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  1. Proper photographic technique, my friend. You don’t have to use a $3000 camera to get good pictures (even macro ones). As with nearly everything else in life, it’s knowing HOW to use the tools you have that makes all the difference.

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