*BMW K1200RS 1997 (ENT. Motorcycle Review)


BMW K1200RS 1997

Launched in 1997, the K1200RS is a true heavyweight sports tourer. The K1200RS uses the front suspension system and it also has a wishbone type BMW K1200RS 19975arrangement with a single combined damper/spring unit that is connected to the suspension system! One of the most prominent features of the K1200RS is the adjustable handlebars, seat, footpegs, and screen. The K1200RS is a sports motorcycle that is a little weighty but adds a sense of stability to it as well. This motorcycle is fast and it is able to perform well in the worst of conditions! The BMW K1200RS does have its faults but nonetheless it is a very great motorcycle. The BMW K1200RS is truly a great motorcycle!


The K1200RS is a little weight (285 kg). However, it does have its benefits! The fact that the K1200RS is a little weighty means that because the motorcycle is a little heavy would imply that it will be hard to lift if it tips over! Though the K1200RS is heavy, this is actually a good thing! The weight adds a great sense of stability. This would imply that even going at top speed you won’t have to worry about tipping over because the balance is so great. Thanks to the weight, the motorcycle will not be fazed, even when supporting another passenger! This means that both you and the passenger will feel safe on the K1200RS motorcycle! Clearly the weight of the K1200RS that was thought to be a bad thing is actually very useful! Do you think the weight of this motorcycle will influence your riding?BMW K1200RS 19974


The 1997 K1200RS is a very fast motorcycle that is able to perform adequately under the worst conditions! From this, you can deduce that you will have very little problems in the rain or intense heat! The K1200RS can travel at very fast speeds. The K1200RS motorcycle has a top speed of a whopping 246 km/hr. That is insanely fast especially considering the wind resistance that you are going to feel if you ever decide travel at that speed! This motorcycle is sporting very capable brakes. Even in heavy rain, regardless of the speed that you are travelling at, you will still be able to stop in a reasonable amount of time! Truly even though this is a very fast motorcycle, it is capable of stopping in intense environments, even after travelling at fast speeds! Would you ever travel at a speed of 246 km/hr!

BMW K1200RS 19972Faults

The 1997 K1200RS does have its faults, but nonetheless this is a very great motorcycle! The weight of this motorcycle is a drawback because unfortunately Japanese competition like Honda’s BlackBird make 30-odd bhp more and the K1200RS seems slow by comparison. This means that even though the BMW K1200RS is a very fast motorcycle, it is still not the fastest. The K1200RS motorcycle is known to have final drive problems. In 2002, the manufacturers had to do a recall of the product because 3% of the motorcycles had final drive problems! This is considered a high amount because of the criticality of the assembly. Though the K1200RS does have its faults, nonetheless this is still a very good motorcycle that I would recommend.

OverviewBMW K1200RS 1997

Now I hope you have learned some interesting facts and details about the 1997 BMW K1200RS! The K1200RS is a little weight (285 kg). However, this is actually a good thing! The K1200RS is a very fast motorcycle that is able to work profoundly under the most extreme conditions! The K1200RS motorcycle has a top speed is amazingly 246 km/hr! The K1200RS does have its faults, but nonetheless I would definitely recommend this motorcycle! What new things have you learned about this motorcycle? Do you have any motorcycles that you would like us to do a review on? If so, drop a comment below! Despite being launched in 1997, many people are still sporting the BMW K1200RS to this DAY! What are your final thoughts or opinions about this motorcycle?

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