Father’s Day DIY Ideas


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As popular as father’s day is, many people don’t know of its origin in terms of when and who came up with the idea. So if you are among them do not worry. Below is a brief history of it. It was in 1910 when a strong-hearted American woman by the name Sonora Dodd begun thinking of ways she can reward her dad. Who showed great love and care while raising them. William Jackson Smart, her father and a veteran of the US civil war decided to bring up his six kids by himself rather than tie the marriage knot again. This is after her wife died unexpectedly. To a man, of cause that was not a walk in the park. But he did his best that the children saw his hard work. In this case, you can say that he had unbeatable fatherly DIY ideas.

The idea to honor her fathers did not come from oblivion. It started when Sonora heard a sermon at church. It illustrated the importance of fatherhood and how they sacrifice to get their families going. Nonetheless, it took almost fifty years of waiting. For the day to be officially declared as a celebratory holiday in the US. Reason being, some congressional representatives thought that there are already too many holidays. But even will all that resistance, the bill to formally recognize father’s day prevailed in the house. Hence, President Richard Nixon signed it into law in 1972.

So what is the significance of father’s day?

This is a holiday celebrated annually all over the world. It comes during the third Sunday of June. And is set to appreciate and commemorate all fathers and father figures. Which Include great grandfathers, grandfathers, foster fathers and stepfathers for their contribution to the society. In other words, this is a day to celebrate fatherhood in the society. As well as show respect to all males who have a continuous responsibility to make the society a better place.

So what are the common traditions behind Father’s Day?

To mark the traditions, normally, family members come together in celebrations. With the main agenda of appreciating the presence of fathers figures in their lives and society. The theme of the day always revolves around the efforts that fathers put in ensuring their families get food, clothing, and shelter. They are well known for sacrificing their resources to make the society a better place. The climax of the celebrations comes with the giving of masculine gifts and “thank you daddy” cards. A function nobody would want to abscond, especially in this current age.



So, how can you personalize this coming father’s day to make it more enjoyable?

Simple, employ some DIY ideas like creating a gift for daddy. You will be surprised by the number of “thank you” phrases that you will receive before the day ends. But before getting into arts, it pays to be realistic, do you have that time to make up the cards? If not, there are many other masculine gifts to offer. So, what are the masculine gifts that you can gift your daddy? There are quite several but the idea is to know the things that fathers like. For one they are not “flower beings” so bringing them a flower will be off the target. You want something that will penetrate that hardened chest, right, so think of something they like. Have your gift come from things like:

  • Electronic gadgets
  • Construction tools for some DIY home improvement
  • A good book that suits their persona
  • A professional artwork photo of him and the family,
  • Masculine clothing, and so on

Electronic gadget gifts

Not any kind of electronic may fall into the category of a gift directed to the father, some of them relate to motherhood. For example, if you gift your daddy with a refrigerator that will go to the woman of the house without question. So at the end the day you have a father with no gift directly attached to their name. You want something closely associated with men and their characteristics. Something like an updated iPhone, a laptop or those male things. Well, a TV is okay because they can take it to their personal room or office. They can be watching during their free time or entertain their guests.

Construction tools

All kinds of fathers have this one thing in common; they like to get involved with some here and there DIY projects. They all show interest in home improvement tasks. When the roof is leaking, you will see him climb up there to try solving the issue. Literary, most fathers will have a toolbox or just an area where they keep their screwdrivers, hammer, claw bar and such kinds of things. So anything that empowers their love for such projects can be categorized as a valid gift.


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A good book that suits

There are many good books but not all of them are good for your father. When it comes to selecting a good one, you ought to consider various things including the actual message you want to pass across, the persona of the father, and most of it all, their ability to read. You don’t want to gift a book that will end up on the shelves because your recipient is not able to read it. Better get them an audiobook of the exact topic, that way they can listen and get your intended message with ease.

An artwork photo

In essence, father’s day is about memories of the past. It is how daddy used to bring you all to entertainment venues such the park, the museum, theater and so on. Do you remember those days when you could not fall off their shoulders in excitement? Now, this is the time to install back some memories into daddy’s thoughts. And some artwork will do that well for you.

Take his digital photo and that of the whole family to your nearest artist. And have them draw a portrait of daddy either seated or standing in the midst of the family. If there is anything special (like, “we love you daddy.” or “I cherish you father”,) you want written on the picture, give orders in advance. When completed, wrap the artwork nicely. And offer it as a gift during the get-together celebrations. Of cause, you can be sure that this is one of the gifts that stand out during a father’s day function. In essence, when hung on the wall the father will be seeing it all time and that will earn you more and more respect for him in the long run.



Masculine clothing

You want to present an irresistible gift to your father or father figure. So, are you sure what you are offing is the best choice for him? While asking yourself that question incorporate facts. For example, most men like sporting clothes. And this case it is important to be sure of the clubs and players they celebrate. A father that likes football and cheers up Arsenal FC, in particular, will feel honored when gifted with an arsenal jersey, rather than a jersey from the opponent’s side. You get it, huh? And if their favorite sporting is running, of cause you will want to present something along that line, to show that you have taken the time to investigate in the quest to give the best.

Now that you are well equipped with the kind of presents you can buy for daddy, so what other DIY gifts can you come up with for the occasion?

Gift card

A card is a good tool to help you deliver a special message right into the heart of a father figure. The good thing is that you don’t have to buy it. You are free to make yours. Materials for making cards are readily available and cheap. What remains in this case are two things, design, and a solid message. Both of these are available on the net. Simply google it out to get the best for the occasion.

Food gift

No celebrations can end well without some choice delicacies dropping into the stomach. On an occasion like this, food becomes a gift. So give the best. Well, ask to know what daddy will be comfortable eating in his day. It is about his favorite and everybody else should flow with that. You don’t want to prepare something that daddy will just task while the rest of the party attendees are eating to the brim. The honor to the owner of the function and that means they decide on the dish.

Entertainment gifts (poem)

Who doesn’t want a nicely composed poem written for them, and read loudly in the hearing of many people? Of cause none, including daddy. Even if you are not a good writer, you can search out from the net. Get a perfect poem addressing father’s day and customize it to read as if it is a gift to your father. Call it an emotional gift, and you will still be very correct.


So what other gifts do you think is best to offer to a good daddy?


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