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Complete coverage for your Harley-Davidson Sportster for 1970 thru 2010 covering XL, XLH, XLCH, XLS and XLX with 883/1000/1100 and 1200 engines (Does not include XR-1000 engine information or 2009-on XR models)


Amazon Rating: 4.0 of 5

Comment Rating:  18 of 28  


This is a great book for the Sportster bike needs, Haynes is great to use on the Iron Head and Evolution Sportsters, Shovelheads as well as older 1970 FX Super Glide. This book is easy to understand with the index and in-depth manuals. The hardcover also makes it easy to keep long term.


This manual can be short on photos as well as some job description when it comes to details. Some photos don’t appear to be only of sportsters. Overall, the book tends to be short on details.

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Haynes has great manuals that many people have used for years. Haynes also has done great work over the years with providing good step by step instructions to do just about anything to your bike you need. Great information on Torque Specs and tightening patterns. Nice clear pictures just in case manual instructions cause any confusion. This book has a lot of great and useful information in it and is a great source for repair information. This manual has the information in it to fix just about every Sportster issue you can come across and save you some money at the same time.


This book will allow you to save $1,000’s on auto repairs, maintenance and will also be helpful for the life of your bike. This is a well-built manual. It is one of the most used repair books.  If you are a mechanic and you have built a couple Sportster then you probably don’t need this manual but even still this manual can assist with letting you know which parts are universal in other years Sportster bikes. The multi-year format is useful in referencing different year Sportster parts.


Because the book is a hardcover, some may not take well to a hardcover manual. But none the less, if you need to do a repair on your Sportster – this is the book for you. Some may be too new to understand the repair manual, including the repair steps. Sometimes these manuals are not user-friendly and some people would rather have someone like “Let’s Do It Manual” to help them. We are here if you want to run a question by us. Please give us time to respond and we will get back to you as soon as possible.



Purchase of this book will allow you to save $1000’s on auto repairs and maintenance and will be helpful for the life of your bike. This is a well-built manual It is one of the most used repair books & one of my favorite purchases! If you are a mechanic and you have built a couple Sportster then you probably don’t need this manual but even still this manual can assist with letting you know which parts are universal in other years. The multi-year format is useful in referencing different year Sportster parts.motorcycle1

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ByHamboneon August 9, 2013

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Depending on your mechanical ability and reading skills, there should be no Sportster work you can not manage. The basic work like oil changes and tune-ups will save you big money doing your own work instead of what motorcycle mechanic’s charge by the hour, DO THE MATH!!


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14 Replies to “MANUAL H/D SPORTSTERS 70-08 by Haynes”

  1. Hi,
    Thanks for sharing of manual information.
    It is a tips for saving money for repairing stuff.It is useful posts from your website. You did it great for your niche, right!
    By the way, your posts for the manual information looks like a prouct review, anyway, keep going, you did it great!
    Good Day!

    1. Thank you – Lok.w for the feedback! This manual will definitely help save people thousands of dollars.Haynes manuals have done this for mechanics and DIY guys for years. They are very resourceful and helpful. Yeah, this is something I have been doing all my life pretty much. Never thought about this niche until I found myself doing research looking for the last manual I bought for my BMW K1200R. There were many options but not enough reviews. So I got busy building what I needed! I will continue to provide all the quality information for all the DIY guys, mechanics, and others.

      Thanks so much for sharing and please check back with us now and then!

    2. Correct. All Honda service mnauals are written by Helm. The issue you are going to run into is that they assume that you have access to Honda special tools.

  2. Thanks for the great information on the MANUAL H/D SPORTSTERS 70-08. I have found most manuals to be of great benefit. If you can do any of the work yourself it saves so much money.
    In fact having a manual gives me a little bit more confidence in what I can do mechanically. Although, you mentioned it was short on pictures. I definitely need a lot of pictures. Thanks again for the great review,

    1. Hey Chris!

      Thanks so much for the feedback. I am trying to provide what the people need and this manual is an important must have if you have any of the bikes in this series. The multi-year benefit allows to you use this manual on the different years allowing you to repair all your Sportster bikes with just this one manual prolonging the use and value of this manual.

      Thanks Chris for all the feedback keep in touch.

  3. Hey thanks for a great page EMCQUEEN! It’s good to know where to come to get a review and breakdown on the many manuals available.

    I like how you’ve put the Amazon rating as well as the Comment rating in order to compare.

    “Do the math” absolutely! Purchasing this book is the way to go! Why not buy? It can’t hurt to give it a go and try some repairs yourself by following the instructions.

    “A bit short on photo’s” is that why this manual received 18/28 you think?? Jamie.

    1. Thanks Jamie!

      This manual received 18 positive reviews and 10 critical reviews. You are right when a manual is short on pictures that it contributes to misunderstanding and complications especially if you are new to do it yourself repairs.We are updating our manual selection daily and there are many more manuals to so stay locked in and visit as often as possible! Thanks so much for your feedback have a blessed day!

      1. Go to your local library and ask them to get you the manaul via interlibrary loan. It’s free to you if you have a card. If they can’t get the whole book maybe they can get the holding library to print the topic you need and send the copies. I’ve gotten them for a Festiva and a Ford 1942 tractor.It shouldn’t be a big problem for a VW. good luck!

  4. Replacing the multi-function switch isn’t difficult at all. 1) Remove the steering column lower cover retaining bolts from underneath and this should allow access to the two retaining bolts for the multi-function switch.2) Remove the bolts and disconnect the electrical plug in.3) Install in reverse order.

    1. Very true. Some mechanics prefer photos while others prefer a video. Some can work sub-consciously while others need step by step instructions. We’re all enter the DIY job with drive and determination, which in the end, will bring us victory! Thanks for leaving a comment!

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