VW Passat & Audi A4 Relying on Free Car Repair Manuals Won’t Produce the Same Results If You Use This One!

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Relying on free car repair manuals won’t produce the same results. If you use this VW Passat & Audi A4: Passat 1998 thru 2005 & Audi A4 1996 thru 2001 1.8L 4-cylinder turbo and 2.8L V6 engines automotive repair manual. This is the brand new paperback manual for the VW Passat & Audi A4: Passat and Audi A4. Free car repair manuals won’t contain the information this manual has. This manual contains information that may be hard to come across if you search anywhere else by J.J. Haynes (Author)

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Clear step-by-step instructions. Comes with an abundant amount of pictures.


The pictures aren’t taken at every possible angle.


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VW Passat1The VW Passat & Audi A4 repair manual was written for the cars manufactured in between the years of 1998 – 2005 (and 1996 – 2001). If you have a VW Passat & Audi A4: Passat manufactured between 98’ and 05’ or Audi A4 manufactured between 96’ and 01’, then this manual is the one for you! It contains step-by-step details that are clarified by many pictures. Additionally, this manual is well written and understandable.

When I was younger I had bought my first car from craigslist for a good price. The car was well taken care of and the only problem was that it needed an oil change. With all the years the previous owner had it, they never gave it one. I bought the Haynes manual for my bike and I was able to save money! Little did I know, I was going to have to do more maintenance. Purchasing that manual was definitely a smart choice on my part because it was very helpful and efficient.


Speaking of efficiency, this manual is really efficient as well. This manual contains many great details that free car repair manuals don’t have. The step-by-step instructions make it easy for just about anybody to do some 2002-2004_Volkswagen_Passat_SE_V6_sedan_03maintenance. Even if you aren’t good with your hands, you can still perform successful oil changes. If you are great with your hands, then with one other person you can repair the timing belt without damaging the engine. Clearly, with this manual you can work wonders on your vehicle and save money from going to a mechanic or dealership.

Why should I purchase …

You should consider purchasing this manual for several reasons. This manual comes with great information that free car repair manuals and other brands don’t have. This type of step-by-step detail is hard to find. Even the pictures help the reader to understand the project that they are attempting to accomplish. You should consider purchasing this manual because of the awesome information and content in this manual.


There are many positive qualities about this manual. The information in this manual is very useful. You can perform many small jobs even if you are not mechanically skilled. You may even be able to perform major projects on your1998-2001_Volkswagen_Passat_sedan car with this manual. The step-by-step instructions are easy to follow and understand. The pictures are clear and detailed. There are many benefits to using this manual for your vehicle.


There are a couple flaws to this manual as well. One flaw is that the pictures aren’t taken at every possible angle to maximize understanding. Due to this, a few pictures may seem difficult to comprehend or understand what angle their view is from. Another drawback to this manual is the fact that it is paperback. You may have to take extra precautions to preserving the manual. Even though it contains a few drawbacks, this manual is still a good one.1998-2001_Volkswagen_Passat_wagon_--_01-07-2012_rear


In my opinion. this is a very good manual. This manual contains many pros and a couple cons. Nonetheless, this manual is beneficial. The pictures and information are very useful for minor and major projects. The detail contained by this manual will keep your vehicle on the road for a long time. From my perspective, this manual is worth purchasing.

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Color photos would help, but pretty good

ByDarkwave Fanon December 1, 2010

Format: PaperbackVerified Purchase

I am finding this book to be very useful. The book provides troubleshooting advice that I have never received from anyone in the auto repair industry. I recently took my car into a garage because the check engine light came on. They read the trouble code from the computer, saw that it was related to the cooling system, and immediately recommended that I replace the water pump. And since I was replacing the water pump, I might as well replace the timing belt too. Total cost $2000! The book offers several no-cost/low-cost fixes to try first. This book also suggested replacing the valve core, to resolve a slow leak in a tire. I took the tire to two tire repair shops, and neither one suggested that. It might be because the valve cores cost 50 cents, whereas they could sell me another tire for a lot more. I no longer have any faith in the auto repair industry.

Along with this repair manual, I bought the Roadie RDT55 Diagnostic Trouble Code Reader for Volkswagen and Audi Vehicles with OBDII Vehicle Live Data. I’m very happy with that product too.


Product Details

  • Series: Automotive Repair Manual
  • Paperback: 334 pages
  • Publisher: Haynes Manuals N. America, Inc. (March 15, 2008)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1563927039
  • ISBN-13: 978-1563927034
  • Product Dimensions: 8.2 x 0.8 x 10.5 inches



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