Why Routine Maintenance Is Important…

Why Routine Maintenance Is Important…

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Today we’re going to talk about why routine maintenance is important on your items. From appliances to automobiles to even DIY (Do It Yourself) projects around the house. Routine maintenance is important for ALL items especially if you want to take care of your stuff. Let’s discover the pros and cons of why routine maintenance is important. Feel free to comment below any pros and cons that you can think of that can help benefit.


Pro #1 – Things won’t break down nearly as soon

We all want to catch something before it breaks down. When we are able to catch something before it breaks down, we often feel… relieved! Doing routine maintenance will do just that! Imagine all the issues that could be resolved in just obtaining a regular routine maintenance check up. Ultimately, this action will contribute to a stress-free life.

Pro #2 – Catch things before they lead to bigger issues

When items are about to break down they normally give us symptoms. It can be from a funny sound to something leaking. These symptoms always help direct the steps needed to troubleshoot to the root cause of the problem. This does require us to pay attention to our items. It doesn’t matter from one symptom to 10 symptoms – that one symptom can cause the life of your item!

Pro #3 – Knowing your item is in good condition is reassuring

When doing routine maintenance checkups, it is assuring to know that your items are in good condition because you made sure everything was performing up to par. The assurance of knowing you have enough oil in your car to drive a distance because you checked that before you left. The assurance of your tire pressure having the right pressure for a smooth ride (you are assured because you checked it). The assurance of knowing your vehicle shouldn’t overheat since you checked you had the right amount of water/antifreeze in the reservoir of the coolant. Assurance brings peace, peace in taking the responsibility in caring for your items.

Pro #4 – Keep a calendar on when scheduled maintenance is due (pace yourself)

In this busy world we call life, a calendar can only help remind us of important events in our lives. From major to minor events, creating a maintenance calendar is that of the middle. Remember, when creating a maintenance calendar, pace your events to suit your needs. Sometimes we all have to take the extra step in finding information for how often our items should be checked on a routine basis. Also, if you don’t check your calendar every day, perhaps setting a reminder that alarms you when the time comes.

Pro #5 – A manual can only help make a routine maintenance smoother

Having a manual at our disposal is like having a sword ready for battle. A manual should contain all the information needed to handle situations from routine maintenance to repairs and even cover parts needed in case the item is not functioning. Not only does the manual help cover these things, yet also that the steps taken are done correctly, completely, and thoroughly. This will definitely enhance the longevity of the item and less on junking it and buying a whole new one! Maintenance with a manual until its second nature, the knowledge will come!

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Con #1 – A minor issue will later lead to a bigger issue

Ever had an issue (symptom) occur on an item and you ignored it? And in doing so, that eventually caused a bigger issue to occur? Remember that feeling you felt when you realized there were symptoms there all along that you overlooked? When you have too many of those situations and they make you feel uncomfortable, we tend to start troubleshooting items when the first symptom occurs. Ignoring routine maintenance will just lead you straight into symptoms occurring and needing to deal with it as it comes. Routine maintenance, on the other hand, you catch an issue before it becomes an issue.

Con #2 – You’ll be put into a circumstance you won’t want to deal with

If routine maintenance is not done, it will eventually put you in a situation you don’t want to deal with. Imagine your dryer is going out and everyone in your house uses it, but no one has been performing routine maintenance on it. Then one day it won’t produce heat. You have clothes in the dryer that are wet and need to be dried that day for any event that you need to attend. I’m sure that is a situation you won’t want to deal with at that time! Especially when you’re pressed with time! Routine maintenance on a dryer would be clearing the lint vent often.

Con #3 – Time will play a factor (regardless if it is direct or indirect)

Ever have an item break down on you and it cost you? Either time or money, we hate it when it happens at the most inconvenient time. Regular routine maintenance help alleviate these issues. Knowing an item is about to break down gives you a head start in ordering the parts necessary or even the manual needed to complete the job! Imagine the dryer going out and needing to order the heating coil. Shopping online, delivery could take 1-2 days up to two weeks! Whether we like it or not, time does play a factor!

In conclusion, the benefits of doing routine maintenance are more in our favor than NOT doing it. Remember, little reminders here and there can save you time and money! If you have any additional pros or cons, feel free to comment below. We’d love to hear your feedback! Be sure to check out our “Resources” page for free manuals and discounted manuals. Also, make sure to find your vehicle’s manual on our Archive page.

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